We all make choices and we have to live with it. Growing up in their lives, or at one point in time in the past, before they did what they did, it might not have been clear to envision what lay ahead – the results of one’s actions and the choices they made. Perhaps, most of what happened was instantaneous, but it’s also important to try and understand on what led to those circumstances and why does anyone behave and act to their impulse during those times. If they are capable of doing it, anyone of us could be too, given those circumstances. Here is a look into a project that gives them an opportunity to reflect on their past and share it – the mistakes and the choices – and what advice they would offer to their younger selves; and also to everyone else.

REFLECT: Convicts’ Letters to Their Younger Selves” is an artistic documentation of choices, consequences, and reflection. Bell’s portraits—along with video documentation by Joe Carter and additional prison guard portraits by Corey Desrochers. for more information visit: trentbell.com