Flyfit:Unique Ankle Tracker For Fitness, Cycling & Swimming by FLYFIT, INC. — Kickstarter.

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WHAT this is:

Lightweight, stylish and accurate. Start every day off on the right foot with the only device you’ll ever need to track and monitor your physical activity.

Feel it & Get fit! 

Finally, a one-of-a-kind smart fitness tracker designed for those who value form and function in their sports gear. Hidden inside the sleek design of the Flyfit band is an advanced module that seamlessly collects real-time data from every action in your day.

Whether you’re in hardcore training mode or just trying to get to the gym more often, Flyfit will help you to improve your performance and be the best version of you.

The Design

Passionate about fitness, the concept for Flyfit emerged from our own needs to find a well-rounded and accurate fitness tracker that also looked great. During vigorous workouts we wanted a small device that we could almost forget we were wearing, and then not struggle to get it off when we needed to.

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